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Skullcandy | Grind Wireless Influencer Kit

The challenge from Skullcandy was exciting: design, build, and fulfill a worldwide seeding kit in advance of the launch of their Grind Wireless bluetooth headphones. Our response, “Sounds awesome!” Integrating our creative, industrial design and product sourcing teams, we created this premium travel kit and drop-shipped to influencers worldwide.

Ben & Jerry's 2016 Retail Line | Conceiving a Values Driven Retail Line

For their 2016 retail line, Ben & Jerry’s wanted a range of story driven products that aligned more closely with their core brand values. We designed and produced a range of products that hit on a number of these key values including products that are fair-trade certified, made in the US and made sustainably. Look for them soon in your local scoop shop!

Mad River Distillers | Multi-Functional Packaging

Mad River Distillers reached out to Select to develop compelling, brand relevant and multi-functional packaging. One key challenge was to design packaging that accommodated various assortments of 200ml bottles depending on the market and current season. Select conceived of a unique decal template that allowed Mad River Distillers to easily generate custom labels in-house to save time and money. The slim profile of the packaging also gives retailers the ability to display the product prominently without commanding too much valuable shelf space. The rough-hewn paperboard construction aligns perfectly with the distillers grass roots, handmade, micro-distilling pedigree.

Facebook Client Council

In order to better serve its advertising clients Facebook has formed a client council that will give the social network key input on advertising and marketing. The council will consist of agency leaders in addition to Facebook’s biggest global clients and will meet several times, in different global locations, each year. Select was tasked to develop a line of brand relevant meeting collateral for the 2016 client council meetings. We decided on pieces designed to be functional, yet also aesthetically modern to help set the tone of these global knowledge-sharing meetings.

Pepsi X Uncle Drew Influencer Kit

For the release of the 4th video in the hit Uncle Drew series Pepsi wanted to leverage Kyrie Irving's partnership with Nike to activate influencers in the sneaker community, drive traffic and raise awareness around the video. Our challenge was to design a new Uncle Drew visual identity and a one of a kind influencer kit that would live up to the legendary persona and set influencers and their audiences alight in a social sharing frenzy. This project drew significantly upon our two decades of experience crafting globally facing visual identities for Pepsi. It also drew upon our extensive experience designing and producing brand kits for influencers, brand ambassadors and media. Influencers created and shared content that generated over 200,000 impressions, driving a broader awareness of the campaign and leading to the over 7.5 million views to date of Pepsi's film. Check out our work section for a behind the scenes look at the Pepsi X Uncle Drew Influencer Kit.

Snapchat Ghostface Chillah

How does a digital platform known for its ephemeral nature build brand awareness in the physical realm?

Snapchat asked us this question and in response we developed a line of compelling, custom gear including these fun Ghostface Chillah backpacks.